Day 1

OK folks, we’ve got the ball rolling.  Here’s mama writing from a B&B in rural Italy.  Where are we going to go from here?  I’m going to hand it over to you.  Object : communication.  I really am going to hand it over to you, well to all of us, but for starters, do we want any limits?  basic guidelines?  edit rights?  censorship?  open to the public?  FYI : Topics of conversation are our individual blogs and can be listed under Categories and key words for referencing under Tags.  Images can be embedded into posts.  Comments on blog posts hoped for from all as dialogue is desired!

I’m making you all editors, so troll around here in WordPress to get a grip on how it works.  Duh – not difficult as I am managing. Oh yes, one last thing – happy to extend this to the greater family, so Henry, Hélène, Elizabeth let me know if you want to join in – you’re here in our hearts anyway!

xxx   ma   stadon

PS the about page is by default my fffing about page.  Any takers for writing one up for this blog?


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