Moving to Italy, working for Ralph

Two things I always wanted to do – I’m doing them at 56 years old – how lucky is that?

Will tell you more when I’m not exhausted after a week in New York followed by a tour of Italian textile suppliers, followed by my first day of work in an office in Bologna.  I hadn’t quite appreciated that I might be expected to work……….

Living in the middle of a beautiful vineyard West of Bologna, only 6 kms from the office, which is in a very boring commercial suburb. You only have to drive a couple of kilometers West, though,  to get into ancient rolling hills which one senses have not changed in hundreds of years. This is what I love.

Full moon tonight, a simple dinner (with our hostess Isa, daughter Maude and triplet sons Ignacio, Mattéo and Jacobo) of pasta with a Gorgonzola cheese and walnut sauce accompanied by a glass of sparkling and delicate Pignoletto white wine from the vineyard. Walking the dogs along the dusty track in the moonlight before collapsing into bed after a burst of emailing and writing this simple tract despite the remonstrations of Her Ladyship…..

Isa turns out, of course, to be the cousin of a friend of 30 years standing, for whose company I worked as a design consultant some 27 years ago. We just discovered another connection tonight – she grew up in Gallarate and knows well my friends the Provasoli’s. This is not chance, it can’t be. These things are written. I am arriving in the final scene of my career, knowing that it was all meant to be and that everything has led to this point, that all of my multiple experiences have been intended to prepare me for this, the real work of my life.

My dream is to create with Diane a home here in which we have simple bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen, and in which the core of the house, in which we entertain, dream, eat and create, is a large studio space in which we have our hand weaving looms, a printing press, a potter’s wheel, a kiln, a wood-turning lathe, welding equipment, sofa-beds, a giant work/dining table. God willing we will create this space. Isa is already suggesting possible buildings nearby.

Time for bed. I wish you all well and hope to see you in “Casa Nostra”.

Ciao amici



3 thoughts on “Moving to Italy, working for Ralph

  1. Mktub, Dad, Mktub. So happy for you.
    In future please preface your food-writing with a warning – I immediately got hunger pains and watering mouth syndrome.
    Love you TMAB.


  2. I am so excited and happy for you! And when you and Diane find your dream house, I think that I shall move in with you all. 😉

    Best wishes!
    Ann in Indiana


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