On being free

“It’s hard to be free but when it works, it’s worth it!” – Janis Joplin

August 2015 – mark your calendars, for ladies and gents, I will be free.

First, to dream. Then to act.

Number one on the to do list: purchase tiny home. Like so: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/products/mica, or like so: http://www.arvesund.com/en/eremitens_koja_info_en/ , or still, like so: http://www.abaton.es/en/projects/271070769/portable-home-aph80 .

Number 2: rid self of belongings.

Number 3: find warm place.

Number 4: turn the outdoors into a living room.


5 thoughts on “On being free

  1. Wow, you will be living one of my dreams! Especially if you put your tiny home by mountains and have space for a garden. 🙂 I wistfully look at and read about people and their tiny homes all the time. Of course one of my other dreams is to have a beautiful grand piano, and I’m not sure how to make that fit in the tiny home… I’m excited for you!

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  2. Ok, I’m going to keep ideas flowing your way. Best small house I’ve seen so far was somewhere in Switzerland or Germany and on the back of a flatbed truck and called Matilda. If anybody out there knows the Matilda vagabonds, please put them in touch with us at As the Crew Flew!!!!


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