Fresh white rectangles sloping over head

Stove pipe black in the corner

Monastic plain barn bedroom

Brick red hand tiled floor

Windows greet me, beckon me

Morning light’s soft opacity

Fuzzy Spring Bologna mornings

Sometimes blue, blue, blue

Gossipy chatter of Italian birdsong

Stirs my brain to life

Entices me into a new day

Joy, joy awaking in this simple room

My true love by my side.


PS when the true love was awakened by me at 6 a.m. on Saturday May 3rd as my compulsion to write this had drawn me from bed to desk, I explained what I was doing and she replied, from under the covers, “Blink First”. When I later discovered that she had in fact said “sounds like blank verse” I realized it was too late to go back, I had my title.


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