Number one piece of advice: don’t go with a hot baby in a push chair on a hot day. In fact, don’t ever take a push chair here.



Volubilis is a pretty awesome ancient Roman site in the middle of Morocco (whaaat?). The ruins of this old Roman city are set on a backdrop of beautiful and fertile fields. It seems as if someone has picked up a bit of the world and set it down in the wrong space-time continuum. Dating from the 1st century AD and inhabited by Romans for, they say, a couple centuries, then by local tribes for another 700 or so years, it is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Solemn Column

Solemn Column

I didn’t get a good picture of them, but the mosaics found in the ruins of the baths are really cool. Tiny detail. They are not protected from the elements, however, so one wonders how much longer they will stick around.

Overheated Zaz tasting ancient Roman stone

Overheated Zaz tasting ancient Roman pebble



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