The Crew Flits*

Ran 5k this morning  (yes, estimating upwards)  and came home to battle stinging nettles and hack back rampant greenery.   You can now approach the front door of Les Galignés without being whipped by dew dripping japanese anemone.  Success.  I would show you a picture  (took one)  but I can’t figure out how to upload things on my new iPad.  Yet.  I’ll give you a brief update on Crew flux instead.  Furniture finally arrived from Morocco, so Megan, Henry, Bitsy-Betsy and Marcel, the 2 week wonder,  moved into their new home near Toulouse last week.  Hannah is in Edinburgh  (with flights booked for Columbia, naturally).  Joe and Hélène have agreed on an apartment in London.  Jamie, Calum and I have found part of a big, old house to rent near Bologna.   The crew flits.*

xxx   lla   ma

* to flit – Scots for to move


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