Happy birthday Mom!

We are 3729 miles apart (I looked it up) but the worst part is the 6 hours time difference. At least when you were in Italy we were in the same time zone. Phone calls are impossible, Skype is difficult – get whatsapp already! FaceTime!

Kodak moment!

Scandinavians don’t get emotional

What am I complaining about? When you were my age and your own mom lived the same distance away, or a bit more, you had twice-monthly phone calls with a 5 second speech delay. But I’m addicted to our conversations and I miss them. I miss you.
Happy birthday, Mom. I hope you wake up to a bright sunny autumn (fall!) day in NYC. Have a bagel, some jus de chaussette and a walk in Central Park. Have a Manhattan in Manhattan. What an adventure! What an amazing woman you are!

Love you!

Turning heads

TMAB! xxx


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mom!

  1. Jus de chaussette! Hah! I have a full thermos of red, white and green true Italian roast all to myself. Watch out world! Mama on caffeine today! I love you and miss you, too, honey-pie. Thanks for the beautiful message. TTHM and beyond.


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