Spring 2016

Hello Crew

Dear far flung crew,

It really has been a long time. We’ve got a new banner. The hungry seagull.  Hungry for news.  So, here in NYC it is a crisp, blue sky morning.  Cold enough to remind you that Spring is not Summer.  I’ve used up an entire box of tissues all by myself with this seasonal change thing. But that’s it.  Healthy again. Spent my down time knitting Spring Bobs for Elizabeth and Marcel.  

Is that seagull a bit scary? He might not stay there long.  

Ahhh… before I go… Happy Birthday, Hélène!

xxx Yerma

(Banner photo credit – Sergei Grits, The Economist)



2 thoughts on “Spring 2016

  1. Hey, nice having news from you. Hope you are feeling. Better now.
    Please Hélène don’t be jealous if Diane’s message to your birthday is short compared to mine. Tu sais ce qu’il te reste à faire pour y remédier: des petits-enfants à D&J !


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