Another Year.

I don’t understand time anymore.  It used to stretch interminably and now it’s like a rubber band that’s sprung back at me.  Snap.  Another year.  That’s ok.  Some aspects of passing time are really good.  It’s entrenched Henry in our lives.  He’s family.  Part of the Far Flung Crew.  It’s good to have you with us, Henry.

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More October Birthdays!

This is a mighty fine month for birthdays (she says, herself).  Today, we honor Sister-in-Law, the American Aunt, another member of the far flung crew… and all things, blue!

For the Aunt in her….


and the Sister-in-Law in her….


and for all of us, a little Joan Miro….

Joan Miro

Happy Birthday, Donna, from the As the Crew Flew


A month ago we said goodbye to Tess. Our beloved Italian-born lab, 15 years of age, now rests in peace at the bottom of our garden. I like to think she’s reunited with Weaver, her foster mother and sister-in-tomfoolery.



Yesterday it was another beloved pet who left us – this time most unexpectedly and very suddenly. Bob (previously featured here) seemed a bit under the weather on Saturday, and yesterday went from sickly to going to gone, in just a few hours. Claire was with him the whole time. The vet came, and Henry was there for his last breaths. Julie, the young woman who rides Bob and Inco, came to give him a last hug in the evening. Poor Bob. Poor Inco.




Majestic Bob

Thank you Tess, you were a guddog. We will miss you Bob, you left too soon. Your brother neighs for you.

Happy birthday Mom!

We are 3729 miles apart (I looked it up) but the worst part is the 6 hours time difference. At least when you were in Italy we were in the same time zone. Phone calls are impossible, Skype is difficult – get whatsapp already! FaceTime!

Kodak moment!

Scandinavians don’t get emotional

What am I complaining about? When you were my age and your own mom lived the same distance away, or a bit more, you had twice-monthly phone calls with a 5 second speech delay. But I’m addicted to our conversations and I miss them. I miss you.
Happy birthday, Mom. I hope you wake up to a bright sunny autumn (fall!) day in NYC. Have a bagel, some jus de chaussette and a walk in Central Park. Have a Manhattan in Manhattan. What an adventure! What an amazing woman you are!

Love you!

Turning heads

TMAB! xxx

The Mother in the Boat

I cry
My tears are nothing

When I brush my children’s hair, I think –
She must have done the same
When I kiss them goodnight,
When I lose patience, when I scold,
When I hug them tight

She must have said the same words,
Made the same gestures,
Given the time, the love, the effort

“Nobody puts their kids on a boat,
unless the water is safer than the land”
Home spewed you into deathly straits
We can’t imagine.
Lucky us.

My heart is heavy
Its weight is nothing