As the crew flew

Funny that Mom posted that image today, because I’ve been meaning to write an explanation of the blog title. I’m visiting my friends Tosha and Adam and baby Cos so it will be short n sweet.

Here’s the list of title ideas we had:

Banter Craic
A World Awhirl with Wels
Take An Aspirin
9:30 At The Latest
A Nowt of Love
As The Crew Flew
Wild Tales of Jacques Chirac

They are all inside jokettes, of course. Banter craic is what you would get if you Google translated French into English and then back again a few times – add some fine humour and you’ve got it – it’s the special language we speak when we’re together, invented by Joe and Calum. “Take an aspirin” is what Mom would say if there was anything wrong with us, from a headache to a heartache, a twisted ankle or a bout of the ‘flu. “9:30 at the latest” is Dad‘s catch phrase – every night he’d aim to be in bed by 9:30 but would never ever make it. Hannah is the one who coined the classic A Nowt of Love, misunderstanding the lyrics “falling in and out of love” as a child and asking Mom, “What’s a nowt? because this woman’s always falling in a nowt of love”. As The Crew Flew is Joe: when he was 8 or thereabouts, he was trying to describe the distance from point A to point B as the crow flies, but kept getting the vowels and the syllabubbles all wrong. As for Calum, he had an imaginary friend when he was little, and that friend was Jacques Chirac. Jacques Chirac got up to all sorts of fantastic adventures and he had an opinion about everything.

So that explains things for you. We decided on As The Crew Flew by democratic vote (we’re a communist family by modus operandi if not by conviction – the possibility of dictatorship by unnamed members is always present, but democracy is the official system – more about communist pizza at a later date).

Here’s a picture of my super duper friend Tosha and me, taken today:

Tosh and Meg at a weird angle

Tosh and Meg at a weird angle