Tollcross International Swimming Center, Glasgow, Scotland, 2014

Hail the Electric Energy and Physical Force of the Commonwealth Games!

We caught our plane out of Scotland very early yesterday morning after 3 mini-hours of sleep.  I send big compliments to my son, Joe Welstead, finalist in a thrilling 50m Breaststroke race swum between the Commonwealth’s greatest :  World Record Holders, Commonwealth Games Record Holders, Olympic Medalists, World Class Athletes… you guys had us mortals at the poolside roaring with respect.  Thanks.

The Man in Action

The Man in Action

 Peace and Love from this happy, delighted mama who was so happy to be there watching you!  Couldn’t have grinned wider or shouted louder.


On est en finale, on est, on est, on est en finale !!!



This awesome dude is in the finals at Commonwealth Games after a spectacular personal best yesterday evening in the semi-finals. He is up against record holders and some of the world’s best breast strokers.

Calum, Henry and I were all oozing sweat and tension last night in front of the live race on Youtube – I can only imagine what Mom and Dad were feeling at Tollcross.

The final is tonight, see the program here.

GOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOOOOOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diaper bag! and: 30 days ’til the Games.

Look what I just received in the post:

Super Duper Diaper Bag

Super Duper Diaper Bag

I’m so excited! And also quite impressed that Amazon only delivered 5 days late (was very skeptical when they quoted a one week delivery from the US).
I owe my love for this bag to Tosha’s Mid-Western family, who sent her one a few months back. Every time I saw her with it, I swooned. Now, I know the busy print isn’t for everyone, but it’s just so funky I can’t resist. It’s almost one of those it’s-so-ugly-it’s-beautiful things.
I hadn’t bought a diaper bag yet and I figured with #2 on the way I could splurge a bit – which I didn’t even have to do when it came down to it, thanks to a £50 Amazon voucher my awesome employers sent me when I gave birth last year. It’s nice and roomy, yet light, and has lots of pockets and compartments. But most of all, the print! Yum!

In other news, the 30 day count-down to the Commonwealth Games has begun. In case you haven’t been following the family news, this guy’s on team Scotland:

Scotland's breast stroker*

Scotland’s breast stroker*

More info on
Joe stopped in to see us 10 days ago with his friend Martin Cremin (also on the Scottish team) after swimming at Mare Nostrum in Canet. Joe will be swimming 50 metres breaststroke at the Games and was looking fit and strong. Whoop!

Here’s another photo of Uncle Joey just for fun:

Fun times!

Fun times!

Updates on the whereabouts of people right now: Henry is here in France with us, as is Calum, our manny for the summer. Joe is back in Scotland, with Hélène. Hannah is in Italy hill-walking with Mom, while Dad is also in Italy but working for Ralph. Grandma is about to head to Italy for a week’s holiday, and Grandpa is soon to be on his way to Alaska for some sweet fly fishing. Christina & family have jumped ship and moved back to England, Marlène & family are back from Argentina for the summer, Julie is back from Gabon to have her baby in France, Bernadette will be arriving from Paris in a couple days. Other people are in their places.
Tally of people who don’t know where they will be living in a few months: Calum, Joe, Megan & Henry, Mom & Dad. Also, Martin. And presumably lots of other people.

* Sorry, couldn’t resist. Blame this sort of dubious humour on Dad.