Happy birthday Mom!

We are 3729 miles apart (I looked it up) but the worst part is the 6 hours time difference. At least when you were in Italy we were in the same time zone. Phone calls are impossible, Skype is difficult – get whatsapp already! FaceTime!

Kodak moment!

Scandinavians don’t get emotional

What am I complaining about? When you were my age and your own mom lived the same distance away, or a bit more, you had twice-monthly phone calls with a 5 second speech delay. But I’m addicted to our conversations and I miss them. I miss you.
Happy birthday, Mom. I hope you wake up to a bright sunny autumn (fall!) day in NYC. Have a bagel, some jus de chaussette and a walk in Central Park. Have a Manhattan in Manhattan. What an adventure! What an amazing woman you are!

Love you!

Turning heads

TMAB! xxx


5k on the edge

Hello friends,

In case you missed my VERY last fffing posting, here you go : I had a great morning run on the edge of the Apennines today.  The dogs (Papi and her new bff, Cookie, came along).  We scared up a deer, a pheasant, 2 partridge, a snake and a cloud of Polyommatus icarus (crap – so disappointingly aka Common Blue).   Yes, the pheasant and the snake scared us, too, even though the snake was basking in the same spot 2 days ago and I should have been prepared.

Polyommatus Icarus photo credit and thanks to : Matt Rowlings

Polyommatus Icarus photo credit and thanks to : Matt Rowlings

Papi and Cookie, my photo

Papi and Cookie, my photo

My fffing blog is officially transferring over to be incorporated into As the Crew Flew today.  So here I am.

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