Confessions of a Runner

Ok, it’s true.  I kind of run because I still dream of the bad-ass body, and I kind of run because it gets the dogs walked faster.  I also kind of run because otherwise I don’t think my thighs would do what I want them to do on the winter slopes.

I mostly run because I can do it in such beautiful places and afterwards it makes me feel great (read powerful and dominant – this is me writing, after all).

This is where I ran this morning Where-I-ran and this is who came with me today. Papi It’s a place where I’ve run and hiked and camped with Hannah who also walked and camped there with Me-and-Mom and I’ve explored and mountain biked it with Jamie.  When are the rest of you going to join me?

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5k on the edge

Hello friends,

In case you missed my VERY last fffing posting, here you go : I had a great morning run on the edge of the Apennines today.  The dogs (Papi and her new bff, Cookie, came along).  We scared up a deer, a pheasant, 2 partridge, a snake and a cloud of Polyommatus icarus (crap – so disappointingly aka Common Blue).   Yes, the pheasant and the snake scared us, too, even though the snake was basking in the same spot 2 days ago and I should have been prepared.

Polyommatus Icarus photo credit and thanks to : Matt Rowlings

Polyommatus Icarus photo credit and thanks to : Matt Rowlings

Papi and Cookie, my photo

Papi and Cookie, my photo

My fffing blog is officially transferring over to be incorporated into As the Crew Flew today.  So here I am.

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Mama runs, Joe swims

Image source: Sara Sanger

Image source: Sara Sanger

OMG morning run through vines and fertile fields with the Apennines ahead.  Uphill return with heart pounding hard and happy, warm as the sun.  My waggy tailed dogs good company.  Following Joe in the British Championship 50m breaststroke final tonight.  YeeeeHa!

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