Child 1



1983: born Edinburgh (or, Leith, as I recently discovered).

1991: moved to France with the rest of them. Sang goodbye to Scotland as we drove south.

2001: turned 18, passed the baccalauréat, got my driver’s license and moved to Montpellier to study communication.

2003: moved to Bordeaux to finish my Masters. Fell in love with the city.

2006: graduated university, started working for Hidden Cabin in Maz Vegas. Commuted back to Bordeaux for week-ends.

2010: left HC, moved to Devon. Started working as a remote online moderator for London-based Tempero.

2011: moved to Morocco to start up an online baby paraphernalia company.

2012: ditched the baby company. Got married to the best guy ever.

2013: had baby Elizabeth May.

2014: plans so far include the birth of baby Marcel/Cassiope (?) sometime in August, and possibly a return to French shores. Updates to come.


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