3/6 of the crew flew.

Hope you are having a brilliant weekend in London, guys! Love from N.Y.C.


NYC. Been tossing around a few names for the new business I’m setting up. Was hovering around the words wander and wonder for a while since they seem to be good reflections of our life.  As in we do a fair bit of both of those.  Wonder by Wander seemed to encapsulate thought and action.  Liked that. Then I got caught in the Wander Zone and registered http://www.wander.zone, (btw, don’t bother clicking. I haven’t done anything over there yet.) but lately that’s been seeming way too “dude” for me.  Today I’ve fallen for North Outlook.  I’ll be promoting adventure clothing solutions for northern climates. What do you think?


Shoot me a comment.  Xxx the clan mother

North Outlook

Meanwhile in New York

I guess we really did move here.  Voila modeling Engineered Garments in the new Nepenthes Magazine.  (Not modelling – which my American spell checker rejects and proves to me I may be physically here, but I don’t know which English I write in any more.)

Diane in Nepenthes

Beanie from my own collection and hand-me-down, reworked jeans from Calum. Natch.

Yup. Yours truly and…

Jamie in Nepenthes

Himself.  Straight out of this month’s


But don’t get the wrong idea.  Real life in a city apartment still looks a lot like this:

Our Laundry



Spring 2016

Hello Crew

Dear far flung crew,

It really has been a long time. We’ve got a new banner. The hungry seagull.  Hungry for news.  So, here in NYC it is a crisp, blue sky morning.  Cold enough to remind you that Spring is not Summer.  I’ve used up an entire box of tissues all by myself with this seasonal change thing. But that’s it.  Healthy again. Spent my down time knitting Spring Bobs for Elizabeth and Marcel.  

Is that seagull a bit scary? He might not stay there long.  

Ahhh… before I go… Happy Birthday, Hélène!

xxx Yerma

(Banner photo credit – Sergei Grits, The Economist)